Stiletto - A Film by William Mager

Montserrat Lombard

Montse is about to reprise the role of WPC Shaz Granger in the second series of the 80s-set BBC drama Ashes to Ashes, the spin-off from Life on Mars, for which she has received a nomination at this year's Monte Carlo International TV Festival. She also plays the lead role of Milly in David Renwick's hugely popular comedy drama Love Soup for BBC1.

Apart from several guest roles in comedies like Steve Coogan's Saxondale and Chris Morris' Nathan Barley, she has also starred in several quirky and successful British shorts. Montserrat played June in Vanilla Song which was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2005, as well as playing Sarah in Last Night which was nominated for best drama at last year's Bilbao Film Festival. She recently played a small role in Terry Gilliam's new film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Why such an exotic name? Her father was a big fan of Montserrat Caballe apparently...

Having worked on Saxondale and Nathan Barley, Montserrat "liked the idea of doing a stylised black comedy short film. It's very unusual to get the chance to do that in a short. I loved Cynthia and William's excitement and energy about the project and the fact the William had a very strong vision of where he wanted it to go. There was a fantastic atmosphere on set and you could tell everyone was excited to be there."

On Montserrat's character, the love interest and Muse, she says, "I loved that she seems like a happy go lucky cheeky lady but as soon as she sees the femme fatale come in all her insecurities about being pretty or too girly come out. It was nice to have the opportunity to show a love story between her and the artist in an unconventional way where you see them notice each other, flirt, have a jealous moment, reconcile, get ready to go out then have a huge argument and break up, so to speak."

"I loved working with William. He knew exactly how he wanted each part played, which made it easier for me when thinking about my character! He has a lovely aura around him that makes you want to do your best for him!"

Film Credits: The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, Vanilla Song, Imbroglio, Stiletto.

Television credits: Love Soup, Ashes to Ashes, Saxondale, Hyperdrive, Roman's Empire, Midsomer Murders.