Stiletto - A Film by William Mager

Beth Winslet
BETH WINSLET, The Femme Fatale

Beth has appeared in several independent feature films including Bodywork, Exitz (with Malcolm McDowell) and The Shadow Within, an Italian supernatural thriller.

TV credits include The Scold's Bridle and The Real Jane Austen. Short films include Tree, Train, The Red Shoes which she also co-produced, Toccare which was a competition piece for intermedia, 90 Days, and The Collector. She also recently starred in and produced a music video, Sugar Coated Lies for Christopher D Ashley, which was chosen as Radio 6's video of the week at the beginning of July.

Beth said of the script: "When I read Stiletto, I immediately wanted to be involved. It was a really snappy, comically dark script and I could picture it in my head. It's always fun to do a genre piece, especially when its been so well updated to be relevant to today, like Stiletto was."

Beth's star turn in Stiletto is all the more amazing when you consider that she was suffering with very bad flu throughout the shoot. In between takes she would have to lie down to recover her strength for the next shot! "Shooting presented a few problems for me, as I was really unwell with Flu... that is proper Flu, not just a slight cold! I'd also finished another project the day before I started on Stiletto, so I was exhausted. I coughed, sneezed and ached my way through it somehow, and did my best. I had to re-do ALL my dialogue though as on the day I sounded like I had plums up my nose! Everyone was so kind to me, from cast to crew, and there was a real sense of camaraderie on set."

On working with the director, Beth said: "William was a pleasure to work with, from audition stage to shooting to voiceover. Very clear in his vision and very expressive in his direction. The cast were great and we all got along really well. Stiletto is something we must all be really proud of being a part of, I certainly am."